Dr. Ian C. Clift

Ian C. Clift, PhD, MLS(ASCP)CM has two bachelors degrees (Medical Technology and Neuroscience) and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the Mayo Clinic Graduate School. He has research and clinical laboratory experience and has published peer-reviewed science articles in well regarded journals (PNAS; Journal of Immunology; Lab Medicine). More recently he has devoted a significant effort to the development of health science coursework, training and curriculum at the undergraduate level; designing, developing, and directing two academic programs at the Indiana University’s South Bend campus.

His textbook, Clinical Immunodiagnostics: Clinical Principles and Practices was published officially on February 2021, however it was launched for pre-sales at the beginning of 2020 and seriously needs a revision to its section on coronaviruses.

He is currently interested in projects focused on personalized cancer research, oncology, and methods of disease investigation.

Selected Publications

  • Clift, I.C. (2021) “Clinical Immunodiagnostics: Laboratory Principles and PracticesJones and Bartlett Learning, Burlington, MA.  ISBN: 9781284173017
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  • Clift, I.C. (2015) “Diagnostic Flow Cytometry and the AIDS PandemicLab Medicine 46(3): e59-e64
  • Clift, I. C., A.O. Bamidele et al.  (2014). “beta-arrestin1 and distinct CXCR4 structures are required for SDF-1 to down-regulate CXCR4 cell-surface levels in neuroblastomaMol Pharmacol. 85(4): 542-552
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