Half-lifer – my rare cancer journey

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  • July-Aug 2023; Half-lifer: Knife or Death
  • 2024; Halflifter: Metastatic in the Pandemic
  • Halflifer volume 3

As a trained biomedical scientist in the prime of my life, I did not expect a diagnosis of deadly cancer; I am not sure anyone really does. But being a trained biomedical scientific professional, I immediately began to research my rare cancer; adrenal cortical carcinoma (aka adrenocortical carcinoma; ACC) and soon I was explaining my own cancer to the physicians caring for me.

Advocacy and understanding are vital to finding and obtaining the appropriate care when dealing with a devastating orphan disease with high mortality and limited awareness from the general medical establishment. Thus as a patient and an expert in the study of medical research and diagnosis, I have begun to write my story, focused on the care I received and the research into the disease that I have done. The intention is to provide information for public consumption and to help guide patients, their families, physicians, practitioners, and other health professionals during the course of a cruel disease invested in by very few, even in a first world country.

You will hear my voice and my observations and sometimes my opinion. I will take you through my medical process and attempt to explain the experience from the informed patients perspective. I make choices on this journey some well analyzed and others in duress. Some life saving and others not so much.

At other times you will find that I have donned my PhD wizards hat and am trying to solve this biological riddle of adrenal cancer, my adrenal cancer, and share with you what I found.

This is not a guidebook or medical advice, it is my story about living with cancer. Which I still have, and am still fighting to figure out. But I am now ready to release pieces of this story for a larger audience.

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