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Clinical Immunodiagnostics: Laboratory Principles and practices,2021, Jones and Bartlett Learning. A study of immunodiagnostics used in the clinical laboratory but widely applicable to pathology, biology and cytology studies. Click on the image to purchase from publisher

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Published in 2021. Available at and schools where this book is taught. Click on the image to purchase from publisher

Coming in May! New Series for Kindle and print Halflifer – My Rare Cancer Journey volume one released! Click the link to learn more.

Freelance Science Writing

Biomedical Associates is occasionally available at negotiable hourly, weekly and monthly rates for freelance and long term projects.

Writing and consulting queries should be sent to; include project timeline, scope, and expected deliverables.

  • Investigative journalism; science journalism
  • Scholarly research
  • Chapter writer
  • Scientific business, marketing, and evidence reports
  • Biomedical and scientific content editing
  • Co-authoring and manuscript editing
  • Literature reviews
  • Multimedia content development
  • Publishing assistance
  • Project oversight and management
  • Experience in peer-reviewed, academic, and popular publication